Creative Science

˚Creative Science

Years of research and experiments have led to Maginary’s discovery that the secret ingredients for creative genius comes from mixing this these 2 elements together to achieve a solution called “This is a joke please don’t take it seriously”.

The secret is there are no secret ingredients, purely works of the imagination. Our unwavering commitment to our clients ensures that we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of creative thinking and execution and continue to grow through longstanding professional partnerships.


Design thinking refers to the creative approach a design takes when executing a design project. Maginary works within three major classifications i.e. product, labor, and the information category.



What's That?

Transform your business into a user centric organization that is flexible and responsive to market demands. We can help you design and brand your products whether it’s goods or service based. Find out how the power of design thinking can help you.




This service sector based approach to design thinking encompasses both blue and white collar industries. Enhance your service offering’s user experience!




Learn how design thinking can transform the user interaction between human and machine in the advanced world of artificial intelligence. Explore the power of complex systems with simplicity.

˚Thinking in Design

The methodology governing each individual design thinking approach is fundamentally equal despite the market differentiation into separate market segments and multiple business sectors.

Identifying opportunity

Maginary specialty is quickly discerning the client’s objectives and identifying the target market including the unique opportunities in a simple and straight forward manner. After making a clear determination of the possible limitations of the idea or project in question, new avenues of exploration are created and we call this engineering thinking. We consider all external forces that might impact the project from an Economical, Political, Environmental, Functional, Cultural point of view. Following this we set the goals and direction of the entire project and our terms are always clear so that clients know exactly what to expect. By diversification, we are able to create maximum impact on the user experience.