How can Maginary transform your brand and bolster your business?

We are a full-service design firm which has capabilities to handle a project from conception to completion. From the initial product visualizations or sketches to the marketing and promoting of your product, we are well-positioned to deliver best-in-class work that will give your brand a competitive edge.

Are we masters of everything? Absolutely… not!

Rather we are the creative propellers that push the envelope when it comes to creative design, incorporating design thinking while bringing a unique originality to the work as reflected in the quality we produce. Think of us as a set of paints and brushes that you can utilize to bring the image you envision to fruition. There are many canvases to paint on but Maginary remains a leader in consistently delivering outstanding design and satisfying clients.

Stage 1 - Product Conceptualization/Photography

To create enduring works of art, it’s crucial to get the conceptualization right whether through the use of mood boards or other inspiration sources. Creating the visual is usually the easy part contrary to assumptions because getting the vision and understanding the agenda and messaging intended is what’s important if one hopes to create impressive designs and that is Maginary’s core strength.

Stage 2 – Branding/Concept Visualization

The following stage in the creative process involves the enhancement of the core content. This part of the process is where the visual elements are perfected. By aligning your product or service development with the overall company brand and vision, consistency is ensured which then helps customers easily identify with your brand thus boosting brand loyalty potential. This is essential to making brands impressionable and Maginary focuses on these elements to help clients achieve their goals.

Stage 3 – Visibility/Promotional Aspects

Creating a beautiful brand or great design does not guarantee the success of a product or service on the market as this depends largely on whether the brand has visibility online and if the company has a promotional strategy to get their brand before as many eyes as possible. In a world where millions of brands are vying of market share and in today’s marketplace businesses need to be savvy in order to thrive and leverage the power of the internet and tools such as social media, IoT, e-commerce and so much more. Maginary is able to assist you with a promotional and marketing strategy that is aligned with your vision and values and ensure that you get the best return on your investment.