We were tasked with designing an A1 informative poster for a hosted event that involved numerous other establishments. The objective of the design was to achieve superior brand positioning among all the other organisations involved in the event by creating a graphic distinguished International SOS and reflected its unique position. With only a short deadline of 72 hours in which to complete the project, our team wasted no time understanding the aim and purpose of the project and brainstorming in order to come up with concepts that truly reflected their vision quickly and without compromising the creative output.


In order to effectively execute the task at hand within the given deadline while still producing top-rated work, we decided to go for a minimalistic theme which was more word than graphic based. Having considered the target audience and looked into the human behavioural aspects, we carefully crafted a message taking into consideration all important elements including the letter positioning, how the text would read from different angles. The ergonomic design of the poster is a factor that was always present in the approach as part of design thinking process in order to enhance efficiency and improve aesthetics. Three different but equally impressive designs were presented as a result with the final design being undoubtedly one that captured the crux of the message.