Lithan Identity


Design Process

Carefully crafting the design using design thinking methodologies, the Lithan Logo went through several design tweaks to truly capture the core of the brand. To get to the final design, we liaised with the client numerous times, presenting a few draft versions then using the feedback to further develop the design before deciding on the final version. We believe in a collaborative approach which takes into account the different aspects of brand identity and artistic expression.

Interesting fact: Contrary to popular belief, a logo does not necessarily need to incorporate a graphic element in order to be effective. In fact, as long as the essence of the company is captured in the symbol whether it’s a logo, word, line, icon or even a simple mark such as a dot can convey meaning to the audience in a subtle yet impactful way.


Branding Guidelines

Following brand guidelines when creating design elements for brand identity is crucial for helping your company communicate consistent visuals and messaging to your audience. These guidelines are used as a set of tools and rules on how to use branding elements and will depend on the company’s strategy and may include photographic styles, logo placement, copy style and tone, fonts, typography, colours, etc. The purpose of having brand guidelines is not to limit creativity but to create a consistent brand identity and protect the image and reputation of the company. Also these elements help to deter counterfeits.