Imagination – The Elixir of Creativity

Thinking in a convergent manner is an effective way to address the idea of problem solving because the approach is holistic. It’s crucial to always consider all possibilities before settling on a single choice. Innovation requires new approaches to old information and sprinkling contemporary creative while maintaining a futuristic outlook. Design thinking essentially teaches people to think divergently and employ fresh perspectives when tackling unique challenges.

Maintaining a pragmatic and almost scientific methodology when it comes to execution is the next important aspect of effective design thinking. The nature of design thinking is such that the process has to be followed meticulously, in a step by step manner to ensure that all parts of the projects are congruent so that the end result is reflective of this cohesive approach and is not fragmentary.

Integrated thinking is at the core of achieving successful results while eliminating tension or stress that will impact the work negatively.


  1. Always take pride in committing whole heartedly to the highest level of execution on any project that you embark on.
  2. There is a classic tension between desirability vs feasibility, and viability and achieving all three points creates sustainable business solutions for customers.
  3. Always believe nothing is unachievable and go to all lengths to ensure every reasonably attainable ideal is fulfilled.
  4. Neglect the human element in work because by acknowledging and recognizing the power of collaboration, communication and comprise of factors that play an essential role in bringing a project to a successful close.
  5. Design at its best serves people; and by placing ourselves in the shoes of the consumer to ensure that we create designs that they find not only useful but also tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Never subscribe to the notion that great products and services sell themselves. The power of promotion cannot be understated. For consumers to love your brilliant product they have to be aware of its availability on the market and the value proposition has to be clearly conveyed, highlighting all the major strengths and differentiating the offering to what is already saturating the market. Advertising is so powerful that any business that overlooks this all important aspect can forget long term growth or longevity in a highly competitive marketplace.

At Maginary, we are passionate about our work and we love to collaborate and get feedback from the users of the products and services that our design team helps bring to the market. Design is no longer about pushing people to consume but more about getting people to participate in meaningful experiences. We have a forward thinking approach to our work and we are passionate about the possibilities that design has in helping create a better world and a brighter future.