How WordPress Changed the Web Industry

It was not long ago that building websites were a long, tedious, and technical affair. Many of us still remember the days before the first internet search engines, before Google or Yahoo, back in the days when the only way you could have a website made was by a technical professional who would craft one from scratch, and who was an expert in coding. Those were the early days of the internet; however, in the last few years, things have changed dramatically for the better. New technologies have arisen both in searchability and buildability; one of this revolutionary new ease of access tools is WordPress.

Easy use

One of the most groundbreaking and simple ways that WordPress changed the industry forever is how easy it is to use. You do not require complex coding classes or an expert degree in computers to be able to build or maintain your website. It is this ease of access which has helped WordPress explode into the industry like never before. It has also liberated millions of websites from the tedium that occurs whenever something has to be added or altered. Now websites can be edited dozens of times a day if needed to keep up with changing information, new rates, better deals, or to fix unintended mistakes. This ability to change rapidly and make website building simple is one of the driving factors behind the astounding success of the WordPress engine.

No additional software or training required

There are still many places that will build your websites for a fee and these are certainly important professionals to know; however many of them use the old school style of coding with HTML or other computer programs. One of the excellent things about WordPress is that it does not require any of these additional programs for you to be able to make, change, or modify any plans or items on your website. This was part of why it used to require an expert as coding can involve very technical know-how and a single mistake in the code can have large and unforeseen consequences in how your website is either presented or functions. WordPress comparatively is a fully self-contained website builder. You do not need to know or have additional software or hardware, or know how to be able to build, change, or utilize one of the world’s most advanced website building tools.

WordPress sites are easy to scale

If you are a small mom-and-pop shop then you probably require little more than an information page, a sales page, and perhaps a blog for individuals wishing to follow their favourite local store. However, WordPress is not only useful for these but also for the larger companies that may have hundreds of locations domestically or around the world. This is what is meant by scale. This means that a website can be designed either for small-scale or for large-scale use. This is an important asset for any developing business to consider as otherwise if you outgrew your initial website, you have to pay to upgrade or change platforms to develop into a secondary one. Changing platforms is difficult, messy, sometimes expensive, and often disrupting to customers looking to find you. Being able to keep up with a single website maker no matter how vast your economic empire becomes is a great way to ensure consistency – and consistency is the key to good business.

Search engine optimization made easy with WordPress

The way in which WordPress is built makes the WordPress website particularly easy for search engines to index. This means that keywords or key elements within your web page are easier to find than they are in other self-building or self-help website tools. This is important as Google currently has a near monopoly on the web search market. Increasing the ease with which Google can identify your products, keywords, or business means a huge increase in your potential web traffic. Search engine optimization really means just what it sounds like and WordPress has some of the best search engine optimization available already built.

Infinitely customizable

One of the single best features about WordPress that led to its meteoric rise is the fact that there are nearly infinite numbers of plugins, add-ons, or content enhancing products that were not necessarily built into WordPress but are able to be overlaid into it. For instance, if you want to share a video on your website, you do not need to build a WordPress approved version of YouTube first. Rather, WordPress makes it easy for you to overlay elements of other sites so you can have that YouTube video playing on the screen of your homepage.

This is also true with payment information, banking, selling, and any number of other potential plugins that you may want to use. This freedom to be able to use third-party plugins on your WordPress site is exceptionally valuable to potential businesses. A plugin that works great on the small-scale may not work so well on the big scale. Being able to change out these plug-ins at a moment’s notice gives the user exceptional freedom to use the best tools available to sell their product, get their message across, and help ensure customer satisfaction.

WordPress and the future

WordPress and its suite of tools, customizability, changeability, freedom to change plugins, freedom to add third-party applications, and ability to have multiple users assist you in designing or maintaining a site are all innovations that WordPress excels at. If you want to have a website that is easy to find, easy to use, easy to change, and easy to manage, then you, too, can discover what millions of users already have – that WordPress is an exceptional website building engine.